Pelleting machine heating energy saving retrofit scheme

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Update:2012-9-17 10:36:27
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The infrared electric heating circle product principle nano infrared electric heating circle product features

Efficient: using nanometer infrared electric generator, heat transfer efficiency is much higher than traditional electric heating circle;

Fast: the same power to heat up more than 20% faster than ordinary electric heating circle;

Longevity: 2 years free warranty, normal service life of more than 5 years;

Simple: directly replace ordinary electric heating circle;

Precision: thermal inertia small, high precision of temperature control, control precision control in the plus or minus 1 ℃

Environmental protection: environmental temperature by 3 ℃ - 8 ℃;

Specifications: according to the model size, customized

Application: apply to injection molding machine, granulating machine, extruder, drawing machine, blown film machine, spray

City on the popular popular contrast surface of heating heating circle contrast figure

The market popular heating circle contrast: