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The exhaust pipe heat insulation sleeve

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Hundred million source hardware is a professional research and development, production, sales heat preservation equipment of environmental protection and energy saving, energy saving and emission reduction for different types of Marine diesel engine exhaust system to provide safe and effective, durable detachable heat insulation sets of exhaust system, is widely applied in commercial ship and military ship, a detachable exhaust pipe heat insulation sleeve is non-asbestos products, economic and environmental characteristics, structures are often combined, namely by the contact layer, weather resistance, heat insulation cooling processing layer of protective layer, the exhaust pipe heat insulation for high strength lightweight materials, combined with the anchorage can prevent when he worked in the exhaust pipe before and after the vibration deformation.

A basic performance, product:

1. Excellent heat insulation effect, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to high temperature 1260 ℃, extreme cold cold - 70 ℃)

2. With chemical stability, corrosion resistance of various chemical liquid such as acid, alkali, salt, chemical fertilizer, etc.;

3. The self-cleaning: don't hang engine oil and hydrophobic properties;

3. The fire flame retardant (fire a-class non-combustible, the national standard GB8624-2006, the German standard DIN4102, A1)

4. Aging resistance, weatherability, snow and rain erosion resistant, resistant to sunlight

Second, the basic features:

1. Heat insulation effect is good;

2. Convenient disassembly, easy to install, easy to clean, convenient maintenance;

3. Can use repeatedly, long service life;

4. Resistance to vibration;

4. High strength, soft and resilient, and exhaust pipe joint;

5. Can be tailored according to the exhaust pipe parts;

6. Product adaptability: suitable for different temperature, different shapes of the exhaust pipe heat preservation and heat insulation;

7. Do not contain asbestos and any other harmful substances.

8. Product appearance clean and tidy

9. Work to improve thermal environment, to prevent burns

10. Each corresponding independent label and provide the installation drawings

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