The energy-saving heating ring of material nanotubes plus the energy-saving j heating ring is 30%-80%

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Energy saving principle of nanometer infrared heating ring

Improve the conversion rate of electrothermal (nanometer electrothermal material)

Improved heat conduction efficiency (specific wavelength infrared radiation conduction)

Reduced heat loss (ultra-low insulation coefficient insulation layer)

Realization of energy saving of nanometer infrared heating ring (mainly from the analysis of product structure and characteristics)

Structure analysis of nano - infrared heating ring

The first layer of far-infrared coating

Heat conduction mode: radiation (three transmission modes: contact, radiation and convection)

Produces infrared light at a specific wavelength (3.5-15 °)

The specific object is selective for the wavelength of heat energy absorption (dictating: the gun barrel is made of steel, and the infrared ray absorption of 3.5vm-15w wavelength is more than 80%, the technology is not good, the material is not right, the thermal expansion coefficient does not match will burst at high temperature)

Automatic manipulator spraying, high temperature sintering

Spray evenly, high temperature does not burst

The second layer of aluminum thermal conductivity layer

Aluminum is a good conductor of heat. (dictation: the heat transfer coefficient is next only to silver and copper)

The third layer is a high efficiency nanometer electrothermal layer

Thermal conversion rate up to 99% (concept value, energy is conserved, but 1KW calorific value is equal to 860 CAL, different heating elements may produce heat, visible light, noise)

Automatic manipulator spraying and high temperature sintering (thickness error ±10)

Material: microcrystalline glass, corundum, quartz

Spray uniform, high temperature does not burst (bad process, material, thermal expansion coefficient does not match will burst at high temperature)

At 800℃ high temperature directly into the room temperature water without rupture

The fourth layer is environmentally friendly insulation

Aerogel insulation

Thermal conductivity: 0.015

Environmental protection, no odor and any side effects

Surface temperature 40-70℃

Fifth stainless steel case

0.8 mm thick

High density welding ensures strength

The sixth layer of high temperature radiation protection coating

Low radiation coating (material)

Heat resistance of 250 ℃

Hundred million source nanometer infrared electric heating circle by principle of electric heating circle, energy conservation, the use of unique energy saving electric heating circle structure design, finally can realize nanometer infrared electric heating circle the lowest energy saving more than 30%, at the same time of the electric heating circle environmental special insulation layer also guarantee electric heating coil surface temperature reduced to 40-70 ℃, workshop environment temperature to reduce the 3 ℃ 8 ℃, can effectively improve the working environment of workshop.

Yiyuan nanometer infrared heating ring design, production and sales, has been committed to providing customers with the most perfect heating energy saving solutions. The company launched the first generation of nanometer infrared heating ring to the market in 2008, and has been upgraded to the fifth generation. Driven by the continuous upgrading of technology and the continuous efforts of the original people, nanometer infrared heating ring will gradually replace the ceramic heating ring and electromagnetic heating ring and become the mainstream products of manufacturers' supporting and energy-saving transformation.