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Thermal insulation jacket for chemical plant (chemical equipment thermal insulation jacket, pipe valve thermal insulation jacket)

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Update:2012-9-17 10:36:27
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Chemical plant equipment insulation jacket product performance:
1, good thermal insulation performance, thermal conductivity: 0.035-0.045W/MK (room temperature).
2. Good chemical stability and resistance to various chemical corrosion; Prevent moth and mildew.
3, temperature, suitable for all kinds of temperature (70 ℃ to 1000 ℃).
4. Good aging resistance and weather resistance.
5. Good waterproof performance.
6, thickness: according to different equipment, generally 30-50mm, high temperature can be used for multi-layer insulation quilt.
7, easy to install and disassemble, convenient maintenance, partial disassembly.
8, can be reused, long life.
10, high strength, good toughness, easy to bend bandage.
11, strong adaptability, can be used for different shapes of pipes or equipment insulation, insulation parts can be tailored according to the need to process non-standard products.
12, environmental pollution-free, asbestos-free, harmless to people.
13, the product appearance is beautiful, the surface does not touch water, can be swabbed.